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澳门银河娱乐场网址:Several important findings from the fund's quarterly newsletter

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内容摘要: Public Fund Four Seasons has been disclosed. Awkwardness not only surfaced, we also suddenly found that until the end of 2017, the proporti...

Public Fund Four Seasons has been disclosed. Awkwardness not only surfaced, we also suddenly found that until the end of 2017, the proportion of fund financial stocks still accounted for. . . Very low! Bank accounting for only 6.6%, compared to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 low with obvious; the insurance, securities and accounting for 6.8% and 0.5%, also lower with. Low with what does it mean? This wave of violent bank stock market in 2018, we have found that the Shanghai Stock Connect through a continuous, intensive buy 1 month later, launched. Well, I am afraid that only a handful of raised funds to make this wave of banking stock market. This is the first discovery we saw in the four seasons.

Fund Shigekura Leading by Industry

Nevertheless, we still have to see, in the fourth quarter, the Fund Shigekura which industry leading stocks held.

Oriental Fortune Choice data show, Awkwardness stock, partial stock funds, the financial , food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech the highest proportion in the fourth quarter more than 10%, were: 14.37%, 13.72%, 10.04%. Electronic equipment industry has lighten up, from 11.21% in the third quarter of last year dropped to 9.17%.


Consumer, Services and Finance is a preference for raised funds.

Real Estate (+ 1.02%) All positions increased by more than 1%. Food and beverage (+ 2.45%), appliances (+ 1.32%), electrical equipment (+1.03%), .

fund positions for food and beverage configuration set in Yili , Moutai and Wuliangye .

stock market capitalization accounted for the proportion of sector allocation were as follows: 23.73%, 23.04% and 20.50%, Luzhou Followed by, 10.81%.


medical and biological industry, pharmaceutical companies higher Fosun Pharmaceutical , Changchun High-tech and Tonghua Dongbao heavily loaded proportion , namely: 11.64%, 6.82%, 5.46%.


appliance industry the same is headed by representatives of leading shares, , Gree, Midea Group Shigekura holdings accounting for lead, 31.02%, 27.99%; Vantage shares and Qingdao Haier followed, Accounting for more than 5%.


real estate company , the Poly Real Estate, Vanke A become , preference equity public offering and partial stock funds, more than 100 funds holding positions proportion of the configuration of the industry reached 27.13% and 16.44%.


delivery equipment industry, Chinese domain SAIC Automotive , market value allocation ratio , Fuyao in the industry for more than 10% Yutong Bus and Ningbo Huaxiang followed.


electronic equipment and non-ferrous metal industry was fund holdings in the fourth quarter of 2017, but the electronic equipment industry, Ophelia technology , three optical , Sunway Communication accounting positions remained above 10% .


Overall, heavily loaded with ownership concentration raised funds in various industries to further improve, leading to the main financial layout, features consumption significantly, investment style convergence .

concerned about the new tune of "unpopular" shares

There are also 28 phenomenon in the fund industry. After all, there are more funds than the number of stocks. So, if you only value warehouse, Baotuan shares, it is more than a single perspective.

On Thursday, one of the fund Awkwardness Changchun Hi-tech, it plunged 6.75%, making people caught off guard.


Focus on the effect?

Is too much attention by the agency Awkwardness, follow-up force may be limited. The newly transferred Awkwardness, especially in the "low degree of concern," the stocks, often have a relatively good performance. So, how to find future investment opportunities through the fund positions? This is also the focus of this article.

There are institutions back to test historical data and found that the fund with low and overweight, low fund transfer with the standard allocation of the industry, then, tend to perform better.

According to the statistics of Zhongtai Securities, the industries with low and overweight in the fourth quarter are as follows: Real Estate, Non-bank Finance, Delivery, Communication, Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery, Textiles and Garments .

In the fourth quarter of 2017, list of shares: new lake treasure , Hengyi petrochemical , Sinoma international , China Pacific Insurance , Huace , Lai Shen psychic , old Phoenix , buy happiness 7_89456_267_65473 _9, Power Industry , Double star new material





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